Nalletumput – – Bear Mittens

Kiireet jatkuvat vähän joka rintamalla, mutta sainpas yhdet pikkutumput valmiiksi. Töissä on muuten kivaa ja Toukan päivähoitokin sujuu!

Life continues to be busy, but one small pair of mittens is ready. I like my new job and the Toddler has also adjusted well!

Ohje: Perustumppu
Lanka: Pirtin hahtuva 25g + merinovillaa nalleihin
Puikot: 4mm

Pattern: Basic mitten
Yarn: Unspun yarn 25g + some merino wool for the bears

Needles: 4mm


One thought on “Nalletumput – – Bear Mittens

  1. How great to hear that you like your new job – this is something so very important these days and I have all my fingers crossed that it’ll stay this way! Also good news about the Toddler – a happy Toddler means a happy Mom, right? 😉
    I really love your mittens, they’re *so* cute!

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