Fair Isling

Kirjoneuleet eivät ole minun lajini, mutta säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti kokeilen siinä taitojani. Tälläiset sain aikaiseksi. Mummuni saa nämä varmaan joskus lahjaksi.

I’m no good at fair isling, but every now and then feel like doing it. This is what I’ve been working on. I’ll most probably give these to my Granny at some point.

Ohje: Tähtitossut, Permin of Copenhagen
Lanka: Navia 3-säikeinen, 100 % villa, n. 75 g
Puikot: 3mm

Pattern: Star slippers, Permin of Copenhagen
Yarn: Navia 3-ply, 100 % wool, approximately 75 g
Needles: 3mm


8 thoughts on “Fair Isling

  1. Those look great! I’m sure your grandmother is going to love them. I don’t have much practice at doing Fair Isle…going to have to work on it though.

  2. Heidi: Permin of Copenhagen on tanskalainen (ylläri!) yritys, joka lähinnä suunnittelee ristipistotöitä, mutta myös pieniä neuleita.

    Shelley: Thanks! I used to hate doing Fair Isle and am now at the point where it’s OK but would not try knitting a Fair Isle pullover yet. Just small things. 🙂

  3. These slippers look absolutely fantastic, you did a really awesome job with them! I just know that your grandmother is going to love them – they look so super soft and cozy!

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