My New Scarf

ISE-vaihtohuivini tuli Posti-Paten kyydissä jo viime perjantaina, mutta aivot ovat olleet täysin narikassa ja kamera töissä monta päivää. En viitsinyt kännykameralla tästä ihanuudesta kuvia ottaa, joten odottelin aivotoiminnan palautumista. Tänään sitten vihdoin muistin napata kamerani mukaan töistä lähtiessä.

I got my ISE scarf already last Friday, but I–silly me–left the camera at work and forgot to bring it home. I didn’t want to take pictures with my cell phone because of the poor quality. Today I finally today managed to bring the camera home.

Tässä muutamia kuvia:
Here’s some pictures:

Ihana, eikö olekin? Väritkin ovat niin minua! Lankana mahtava Noro Kureyon.

It’s so pretty, don’t you think? I love the colors, and Noro Noro Kureyon is one of my favorite yarns!

Lisäksi minua hemmoteltiin vielä näillä:

And if the scarf wasn’t enough, my pal also spoiled me with these:

Monta pussia KoolAidia ja Fisherman’s Woolia. Tuota lankaa en olekaan kokeillut aikaisemmin. Ajattelin koolata sitä ja ehkä neuloa siitä huivin ensi talveksi. Kiitos Judy!

KoolAid is pretty difficult to find here, I normally order it from the UK, so that was wonderful! I’ve never tried Fishermen’s Wool before. I think I’ll dye it with the KoolAid and maybe knit a scarf. Thank you, Judy!


4 thoughts on “My New Scarf

  1. What a beautiful scarf! I may have to try that one of these days! That’s interesting that you can’t get Koolaid very easily there. I remember when my grandmother visited Finland many years ago, she tried to find popcorn. When she finally did, she tried to make it for the family and it would not pop because it was too old. She was trying to explain to them what it would do, but couldn’t find the words so she was trying to act it out. She said she was so embarrassed and laughed for years over it. (she also mailed her relatives some popcorn!) She said they were soooo polite and encouraging, but she felt they may have thought she was a bit crazy!

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