Invasion of the Hemp Boosters

Apua! Puutarhassani on muukalaisia!

Help! My garden has been invaded by aliens!

Ne ottavat aurinkoa ja grillaavat takapihalla!

They sunbathe and grill on my backyard patio!

Miten näistä tuholaisista pääsee eroon?

How in the world am I going to get rid of them?

Kangas: Myllymuksujen hamppucollege

Hemp Boosters
Fabric: Hemp College by Myllymuksut

Myllymuksujen hamppucollege on mielettömän imukykyistä ja pysyy pehmeänä myös narukuivatuksessa. Suosittelen kaikille kestovaippailijoille! Blogitoukka on muuten ollut jo puolisen vuotta kokonaan päiväkuiva, nämä menevät naapurin prinsessalle.

The fabric is extremely absorbent and stays incredibly soft even if you don’t have a tumble drier. I warmly recommend this for cloth diapers! The Toddler is already potty trained, these are for a little princess next door.


3 thoughts on “Invasion of the Hemp Boosters

  1. Did you make them? That’s great. Only one of my kids wore cloth diapers all the time. It’s great to get back to that.

    My family had a tradition which they told us was Finnish. Every baby in our family has come home in a diaper that has red cross-stitched edges. We were told that the reason diapers had the red on them was so they would not get mixed up with other household cloths.

  2. Sherri: My son wore cloth diapers and I made a whole bunch of them. I started potty training him when he was 6 months and by 1.5 years, no more diapers!

    I haven’t heard of that tradition, but sounds logical to have something to distinguish diapers from other household cloths.

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