Most Beautiful Socks Ever

Sain jo Sockapalooza-vaihtosukkani ihanalta pariltani Amylta! Katsokaa ja ihailkaa!

I received my Sockapalooza socks from my wonderful pal Amy! Have a look and gasp in awe!

Sukat ovat mielettömän kauniit, ihanat ja täydelliset jalkaani. Lankana Fleece Artistin Sea Wool. Näistä tuli heti lempisukkani, olemme täydellinen pari.

The socks are absolutely beautiful, wonderful and a perfect fit. The yarn is Sea Wool by Fleece Artist. Love at first sight, these socks and I are perfect together.

Ja aivan kuin sukissa ei olisi ollut tarpeeksi, Amy hemmotteli minua sukkalangalla (Lisa Souza, jota en olekaan koskaan kokeillut), Kood Aideilla ja silmukkamerkeillä.

And as if the socks weren’t enough, Amy spoiled me with wonderful extras: sock yarn (Lisa Souza, which I haven’t tried before), Kool Aid and stitch markers.

Olen saanut myös omat sukkani valmiiksi, niistä kuvia kunhan sukat ovat pingoittuneet.

I’ve also finished the pair I’ve been knitting. I’ll post some pictures as soon as the socks are blocked.

11 thoughts on “Most Beautiful Socks Ever

  1. Wow, what a very, very beautiful pair of socks this is! The colorway is so gorgeous, and I absolutely adore the pattern! They must be such a joy to wear! And awww, cute stitch markers too – now, ain’t it perfect getting such a great package?! You sure got a great pal indeed!
    Oh, and I can’t wait to see the pics of the socks that you’ve been knitting, I’m really curious! 😉

  2. Hi, Sockpal!
    I’m so relieved that they made it the whole way to Finland and that they fit so well–thank you for the modeled photos! This was my first sock exchange, and it was a delight.

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