Sockapalooza Revisited

Neulomani Sockapalooza-sukat olivat saapuneet perille. Koska parillani Pamilla ei ole blogia, antoi hän luvan julkaista muutaman kuvan.

My Sockapalooza pal let me know that the socks arrived. My pal Pam does not have a blog, but she kindly gave me permission to post these pictures here.

Mittailin neuloessani sukkia huolestuneena, koska epäilin niiden olevan liian suuret Pamille. Omat jalkani ovat pienet (kengän koko 36) ja neulomani sukat tuntuivat valtavilta. Sukat ovat kuitenkin sopivat! Jipii!

When I was knitting the socks, I was certain they were going to be too big for Pam. The socks I made were huge for my own feet (admittedly, I have small feet-size 6). But Pam tells me that they fit! Yey!

Sockapalooza on tällä kertaa minun osaltani ohi. Sitten vaan seuraavaa odottelemaan!

So that was Sockapalooza for me. Until next time!

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