Boogie Vest

Minulla on ollut Debbien Blissin Cashmerino Chunkya lankavarastossani jo puolisentoista vuotta. Langat huusin kerran halvalla Ebaysta, aikomuksenani tehdä niistä slipari. Ja tarkoitus oli aloittaa mokoma slipari saman tien.

I have had some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in my stash for well over a year. I bought the yarn from Ebay and meant to start knitting a vest right away.

No joo, tosi nopsasti tuli aloitettua. Mutta tässä hän on.

Well, things happened, new projects were started and the yarn was just sitting in my stash. Till Monday, that is.

Etsiskelin jotain ihan muuta ja löysin unohtamani pussukan. Olin edellisellä viikolla törmännyt Ravelryssa Boogie Vestiin ja siitä se ajatus lähti.

I was looking for something else in my stash and found the Debbie Bliss. I had seen some pretty nice Boogie Vests over at Ravelry and… you know.

Muutoksia ohjeeseen tuli matkan varrella reippaasti: kavensin vyötäröä, levensin taas rintaa kohden ja aloitin kauluksen yhtä aikaa kädenaukkojen kanssa. Kauluksesta tein V-aukkoisen. Alkuperäisestä ohjeesta on siis jäljellä aloitussilmukat, resori ja nätti palmikko.

I modified the pattern quite heavily: added waist shaping and started neck shaping earlier. I also made the neck V-shaped. So what is left of the original pattern? I did cast on the number of stitches specified in the pattern, the ribbing is the same and the pretty split cable.

Malli: Boogie Vest, paljon muutoksia
Lanka: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky (55 % merinovilla, 33 % mikrokuitu, 12 % kashmir), 265g

Puikot: 6mm

Pattern: Boogie Vest, with mods
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky (55 % merino, 33 % microfiber, 12 % cashmere), 265g
Puikot: 6mm

11 thoughts on “Boogie Vest

  1. Lovely vest! Your are incredibly speedy! What amazes me is that not only do you make lovely garments but everything looks good ON. That takes skill and a good eye for the right pattern.

    Ravelry does tempt us doesn’t it? I have expanded my mental list of what I want to make by 1000% ever since I joined. It is helpful to see what yarns and colors other knitters use. Sometimes it makes a huge difference.

    Looks like we have about the same amount of snow on the ground.

  2. That looks GREAT on you. That yarn sounds so soft and scrumptious. Obviously your changes to the pattern improved it considerably!

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