Living Room

Huh, mikä viikko. Poitsu sairastui taas keuhkoputkentulehdukseen ja meillä ei taaskaan hirveämmin ole nukuttu. Puoli tuntia ja hereillä, puoli tuntia ja hereillä… Ikäviä flashbackeja ekalta elinvuodeltaan. Hurja yskä aiheutti oksennusrefleksin ja ruoat ylös. Nyt vihdoin pysyy ruokakin mahassa ja mennään sillä normaalilla yhdellä heräämisellä öisin.

What a week. My son was diagnosed (again) with a bronchitis and stopped sleeping again. 30 minutes of sleep, woke up, another 30 minutes, woke up… Brought back not-so-pleasant memories from his infancy when he simply would not sleep more than 30 minutes a time. He was coughing so hard that he threw up. Now finally he is on the mend and back to waking only once in the middle of night.

Sain jossain välissä ommelluksi olohuoneen verhot.

Somehow in the middle of it all, I managed to sew the curtains for our living room.



Harmaa kangas on Kaarisilta Vallillan mallistosta. Ruskean verhon on anoppi neulonut paperinarusta. Toiselle puolelle tulee myöhemmin samanlainen paperinaruverho, se on vielä kesken.

The grey fabric is from Vallila. The brown curtain was knitted by my MIL, material is paper yarn. She is currently knitting another one.


Verhot sopivat hienosti anopin aiemmin kutomaan mattoon.

The curtains go oh so well with the carpet my MIL wove last summer.


Eikös anoppini ole hurjan taitava?

My MIL is so very talented, isn’t she?


14 thoughts on “Living Room

  1. WOW did you hit paydirt with your MIL! Very Very impressive! The LR looks great – must make you feel wonderful and what a pick-me-up for this time of year =) Karrie

  2. Jep, taitava on! Ja sinulla ja anopilla näyttää olevan silmää värienkin päälle, kun olohuoneen sisustus on hienosti sävy sävyyn. Paranemisia sinne.

  3. Oh, your poor little guy (and poor you, too!). I hope he recovers quickly!

    Love the curtains, both fabric and knitted, what a great combination. :0)

  4. Wow! Your MIL is like the Jedi of crafters (like her talented DIL). She actually wove the carpet? Wow…
    Amazing curtains! Your living room is beautiful, great detail to color and style.

    My home is really………..funky! LOL. I guess that’s the best way to describe it.

  5. I hope your son feels much better soon!

    Your living room does look AMAZING, though! Everything just goes together so well, it’s beautiful. And your MIL is indeed very talented! I’m so impressed with the carpet, and completely intrigued by the idea of paper yarn…

  6. I love your living room. I agree, she is very talented, the rug and curtains are beautiful.

    I hope your son is feeling much better by I remember those days.

  7. Did you hire a professional, or are you just that talented of a decorator? WOW!! It’s beautiful. By the way, if your MIL ever wants to adopt me, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

    Your poor son! That must have been horrible for you (and him). Glad to hear he’s on the mend.

  8. Jenni: paperinarua on mielestäni inhottava neuloa, mutta anoppi teki sen tuosta vaan. 🙂

    Karrie: thanks! I do like my living room, it’s wonderful to finally live in our new house after all that building and stuff.

    Annikainen: kiitos! poitsun tauti on ohitse, mutta nyt olen sitten itse tietty kipeänä…

    Stella: meidän koko talo on periaattessa harmaat ja kirsikkaa, mukana vähän beigeä. Helppo sisustaa kun pitäytyy muutamassa värissä.

    Charity: Thanks!

    Marj: Thanks! She’s very talented, she’s woven all our carpets. I have to post pictures some time.

    Särmä: kiitos!

    Elli: Kiitos sinnekin!

    Leeann: She’s great, isn’t she?

    Sherri: Thanks, he’s OK now and running around like crazy again.

    Kristie: I could never hire a professional to decorate, I’m way too picky to let anybody else do it. 🙂 Thanks!

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