Rat Business

Poitsun rakkain lelu ja paras kaveri on Rotta. Kummitätinsä toi heebon ensivisiitillä sairaalaan ja sen jälkeen se onkin keikkunut aina mukana.

Meet Mr. Rat. He’s my son’s dearest toy and best friend. It was given to him by his godmother the first time the two ever met, at the hospital.


“Äitiiiiiiiiiii! Rotalla on kylmä! Tarttee hatun!”
“Mommy!! Mr. Rat is cold! He needs a hat!”

Tässä, murunen:
Here you go, honey:


“Äitiiiiiiiiiii! Rotalla on kylmä! Tarttee villatakin!”
“Mommy!! Mr. Rat is cold! He needs a cardi!”

Tässä, kultaseni:
Here you go, sweetie:


“Äitiiiiiiiiiii! Rotalla on kylmä! Tarttee housut!”
“Mommy!! Mr. Rat is cold! He needs pants!”

Hakusessa: Housuohje jalattomalle unilelulle
Wanted: Pants pattern for somebody who has no legs

Rotan värmeet
Ohje: Omasta päästä
Lanka: Novita 7 veljestä
Puikot: 3mm

Clothes for Mr. Rat
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä
Needles: 3mm/US#2.5


11 thoughts on “Rat Business

  1. He is way tooo cute, especially dressed up. What if you made “pants” and pinned them underneath the blanket part. Or sewed buttons to the blanket and than made pants that you could button on?


  2. Memmu: kiitos! Rottia on itse asiassa kaksi kappaletta, että saan sen pesuun aina välillä…

    Karrie: That’s a good idea. He’s now forgotten about the pants, but if that comes up again, I know what to do.

    Heidi: Mietinkin, että tutun näköinen. 🙂

    Laura: He’s very warm, but keeps losing the hat and driving me crazy. I must knit some more hats for him so that I can always find one.

    Leeann: Thanks!

    Marj: Thanks!

    Samma: kiitos!

    Sherri: Cute and very fast to knit. And the son is happy.

    Kate: Thanks!

    Kristie: Thanks! I love it that my son actually wants me to knit for him and his toys. 🙂

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