No FOs Here

Eipä ole mitään valmista esiteltävää, mutta jotain on pingottumassa:

I have nothing finished to show you, but something is blocking:

Medallion Shawl

Kunhan saan palaset vielä virkatuksi yhteen, saatte tekeleen nähtäväksenne.

I still need to crochet the hexagons together and then I will show you some modelled shots.


Sillä välin kun äiti pingotti:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Niilo playing

Hän tyhjensi lautapelit lattialle kahdessa minuutissa, minulta meni lähemmäs tunti, että sain ne takaisin järjestykseen.

It took him two minutes to create a total chaos with the board games. It took me almost an hour to put all the pieces back in the boxes.

Hauskaa viikkoa kaikille!

Have a great week, y’all!

View from my kitchen window


6 thoughts on “No FOs Here

  1. Hmmm…very curious as to what the hex’s could be.

    2 minutes to create total chaos? Sounds like you might have a future politician on your hands 😉

    Love that last pic of the sparkly thing.

  2. I didn’t realize that you also crochet miss multi-talented. The hexagons are knit though … right? I love the red color.

    He’s just at that age where chaos just seems to follow them around. he’s so cute though!

  3. Makepeace: Kiitos! Juttu roikkui niin houkuttelevasti ruudussa, että oli pakko napata kuva. 🙂

    Charity: They love the board games, don’t they?

    Annikainen: Joo, lautapelit on kiehtovia, etenkin kaikkien miljoonien lippusten ja lappusten ja nappuloiden järjestäminen takaisin paikoilleen…

    Marj: Politician, hmmm? He sure talks a lot so that could be it. The hexagons will be the Medallion Shawl by Norah Gaughan. Almost ready now…

    Kristie: Yes, the hexagons are knitted and then joined with crochet. It’s just sc and ch so nothing difficult.

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