Greetings from Portland!

Pikaiset kuulumiset sateisesta Oregonista. Lahdin aikaisin lauantaiaamuna matkaan, tarkoituksena oli lentaa Frankfurtin kautta suoraan matkakohteeseeni. Matka vaihtuikin piiitkaan reittiin Helsinki-Zurich-Chicago-Portland, 28.5 tuntia, ja laukutkin jaivat Sveitsiin.

A quick note from rainy Portland, OR. I left home early Saturday morning, with the intention of flying to Frankfurt, Germany, and then directly to Portland. Little did I know that it would take me 28.5 hours to get to my destination… I was rerouted to Zurich, Switzerland, then Chicago and finally I made it to Portland. The luggage was left behind in Switzerland.

Nyt ovat laukutkin saapuneet ja elama hymyilee. Konferenssi on loistava ja shoppailumahdollisuudet hyvat. Kotiin lahden torstaina, Denverin ja Frankfurtin kautta. Toivottavasti paluumatka sujuu jouhevasti.

The luggage is finally here and life is good. The conference is very useful and I love the fact that Oregon collects no sales tax. I am flying home on Thursday, this time through Denver and Frankfurt. Let’s hope I’ll have better luck with my flights then.


4 thoughts on “Greetings from Portland!

  1. Yikes, what a nightmare with all your flights! I’m glad you finally got your luggage. Have fun in Portland, it’s one of my favorite cities!

  2. Oh no!! I’m so sorry about all your travel trouble. Did you take enough knitting with you to keep yourself entertained? I sure hope Portland was worth it. Have you been to any yarn shops?

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