Tämän sain juuri pois puikoilta ja nyt lähden sitä pingottamaan:

I just finished this and am off to block it now:


Kuvia valmiista huivista huomenna.

Pictures of the finished shawl tomorrow.


Käväisin kirpparilla ja löysin kivoja nappeja:

Look at these cute buttons I found at the thrift store:


“Onkos nämä jotain syötävää?”

“These are edible, aren’t they?”

Buttons and Väiski

7 thoughts on “Heigh-ho

  1. I’m knitting my first shawl right now, and am dying to see what it looks like once it’s blocked. :0) Yours looks lovely already!

  2. The shawl looks lovely even in it’s unblocked state.
    Can’t wait to see it done!
    I love thrift store finds. I have a little bit of thrift store radar, I manage to find some pretty good stuff.
    Pets think everything is edible. Sometimes they even make it edible when it’s not!

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