Hama Beading

Ystäväni Salla ja Laura helmeilevät kovasti, minä lähinnä huokailen helmikaupassa. Poitsun kanssa päätettiin kuitenkin kokeilla Hama-helmiä. Tässä väri-iloittelua. Niilo tykkäsi kovasti!

My friends Salla and Laura are very much into beading, but I have a hard time figuring out what the hype is all about. However, my son and I decided to try the Hama beads. Here are some pictures. Niilo loved it!

Niilo beading

Niilo beading

Hama beads

Hama beads

SP12 Question of the week:

What is your favorite summertime beverage?

I live on ice tea, Diet Pepsi and strong, black coffee. I especially love AriZona Diet Green Tea, which, unfortunately, is pretty difficult to get here. The AriZona tea brings back memories of a time we got hit by a hurricane in Florida.


8 thoughts on “Hama Beading

  1. Voi miten mukavaa puuhaa ja mikä keskittynyt ilme Niilolla! Noihin hamahelmijuttuihin jää koukkuun niin isot kuin pienet. Ihania kuvia olet napannut!

  2. Wow…he’s doing a great job. I love watching cute little fingers and faces making something fun, the concentration on his face is so sweet.

  3. I love the look on your son’s face…so much concentration and enjoyment.
    I love your AZ Tea tale…isn’t it amazing how our senses can stimulate memories!!!

  4. I just love seeing your photos of Niilo. It looks like he enjoyed that very much!!

    Have you tried iced coffee? mmmmmm I also love Tazo peach green tea. These are my 2 indulgences when I go to knit night.

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