Ready for a Vacation

Ihanaa, lomaan on enää tunteja jäljellä. Alankin olla jo loman tarpeessa, sen verran kiirettä on keväällä ja alkukesästä ollut. Loma alkaa kivasti pikkureissulla Tallinnaan, toiveissa olisi löytää pellavaa yläkerran verhoja varten. Toiveissa olisi myös hieman lämpimämmät lomasäät.

My summer vacation is approaching quickly, lovely! I have been quite exhausted lately and really need some time off. My vacation starts off nicely with a quick trip to Tallinn, Estonia. I am hoping to find some linen fabric, out bedrooms desperately need some curtains. I am also hoping that the weather warms up a bit, today’s highs are in the low 60’s.

Toissapäivänä postilaatikossa odotti paketti Amazonilta. Piti ihan hetken miettiä, että mikähän tilaus tämä nyt on… Avasin paketin ja siellähän oli yllätys Secret Paliltani! Aivan ihana kirja! Vietämme paljon aikaa ulkona ja luonnossa ja tässä kirjassa oli paljon vinkkejä. Kiitos!

When I opened our mailbox on Tuesday, there was a package from Amazon. I stood there, scratching my head and wondering what I had ordered. It turned out to be a surprise from my Secret Pal! I love the book! Our little family spends lots of time outdoors in nature and this book has already given me tons of new ideas. Thank you, pal, you are the best!

On täällä muutama valmistunut neulekin. Esimieheni jää äitiyslomalle kesälomani aikana ja tein vauvelille myssyn ja pehmolelun.

I do have some FOs. My manager at work is starting her maternity leave during my vacation and I gifted her with a baby hat and stuffed toy.


Malli: Cisco by Berroco Design Team (Ravelry)
Lanka: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania, 37 g
Puikot: 3.5 mm

Pattern: Cisco by Berroco Design Team (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania, 37 g
Needles: 3.5 mm / US#4

Tein nauhat i-cordina ja käytin ohjeen kuuden värin sijaan kolmea.

The ties are i-cord and I used only three colors instead of the six specified in the pattern.


Malli: Caterpillar by Kimberly Chapman (Ravelry)
Lanka: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania
Puikot: 3 mm

Pattern: Caterpillar by Kimberly Chapman (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania
Needles: 3mm / US#2½

Laitoin toukan sisään kulkusen vauvaa ilahduttamaan.

Fearing that the baby might find the caterpillar very boring, I inserted a bell inside the toy.

Cisco and Caterpillar

SP12 Question of the week:

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

I do like to have some stash yarn in the house just in case I get the urge to start something in the middle of the night. However, having a room filled with yarn might be confusing as I am not the most organized person on this planet. I could probably never find anything in a huge stash. I think the decisive factor is the quality of yarn, not the amount. I like to have nice yarns in my stash, colors and fibers that I love.


6 thoughts on “Ready for a Vacation

  1. Very cute! The book sounds really great.
    We are having the same kind of weather…many days in the high 50s. When we get the sun, the breeze is almost cold. I guess it’s better than record high heat, though!
    I’m excited for your vacation…take lots of pictures!

  2. YIPEE Vacation!!! – we opted out of a “real” vaca this year – going to spend a week at the camper and than I go to “band camp” for a week. Hoping just to relax! — Enjoy!

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