Palm Sunday

Kuten tapanani on, tein Niilon virpomisasun taas todella ajoissa. Eli edellisenä yönä. Niilo ilmoitti jo hyvissä ajoin haluavansa olla kissa, joten kattimattihan hänestä sitten tehtiin.

In Finland, children dress up as withches on Palm Sunday. (Click here to learn about the Finnish Palm Sunday.) Niilo had already weeks ago decided that he wanted to be a cat, so I made a costume for him—the night before Palm Sunday, naturally. As you all know, I never do anything early if I can leave it at the last minute.

Olin ostanut ison poolopaidan halvalla ja sain siitä helposti kissa-asun. Leikkasin hihat ja helman lyhyemmäksi, hihojen ylijäämäpaloista tuli korvat myssyyn ja helmasta häntä paidan helmaan. Korvat ompelin kiinni mustaan kypärämyssyyn ja asua täydensi mustat sukkahousut ja hiirilapaset. Ei kun virpomaan!

I bought a super cheap oversized turtle neck which was easy to turn into a cat costume. I cut the sleeves and the hem. The extra pieces of sleeves were used for the cat ears and the extra piece of the hem was turned into a tail. I sewed the ears on a balaclava and the costume was completed with black tights and mouse mittens.

Niilo's easter costume

Niilosta tuli varsin suloinen kissa!

Adorable, isn’t he?





Tässä vielä muutama kuva perjantailta kun koristeltiin pajunoksia.

And here he is, decorating the willow twigs on Friday.

Niilo decorating the willow twigs

Niilo decorating the willow twigs

Decorated willow twigs

10 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. You are just too clever, making that cat costume for Niilo, who looks adorable of course.

    Hah! We have similar piles of dirty-looking snow in outside. Today our temperatures are soaring and I am hopeful that these last signs of winter will soon melt away. I recall using birch branches to force bits of green (inside the house)–not willows–when I lived in Stockholm. Here, I use lilac bush branches, which are the most plentiful. Also, sometimes I can get forsythia, which produce a lovely yellow flower. I love the idea of tying the feathers to the branches.

    Happy Easter wishes to you!

  2. Nillo looks adorable in his costume! Your procrastination seems to pay off. Thanks for the link re; Finnish Palm Sunday traditions. I’m a bit of a culture junkie. I actually have spent the last hour perusing the site. There’s a lot of good info on there. Of course I looked at recipes. I have actually made a version of Salmon Soup, the book I have calls it Kalakeitto. I don’t think I’ll be making blood pancakes any time soon.

    “..and if you don’t promise me eggs, hawks shall take your chickens”

    I fully intend to walk in to work tomorrow, open the office door and make this statement. I’ll have to let you know how it goes. 😉

  3. Hauska asu! Meidän kotiseudulla lapset ei yleensä pukeudu virpomisreissulle, edes noidaksi. Johtunee ehkä siitä, että kyseessä on vanha körttipitäjä.

  4. He is completely adorable. Look how crafty you are! The costume AND the twig decorations! Good heavens. I’m going to have to stop reading your blog due to the inferiority complex I’m getting ;).

  5. I love the costume and what wonderful pictures! I will show my daughters because they love to dress up as cats. The Willow branch decorations look like a lot of fun – much easier than the tissue paper flowers I was thinking of trying.

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