Retro Pants

Niilon kanssa edelleen tykätään retrosta. Ison pojan jalat ovat venähtäneet ja housut jääneet lyhkäisiksi, joten kaivoin ompelukoneen esiin ja ompelin diskohousut.

Niilo and I still think that retro is the new black. My big boy has grown out of all his favorite pants so I sewed a new pair for him.

Niilo's new retro pants

Niilo's new retro pants

Housut on tehty Myllymuksujen puuvillavelourista. Polviin aplikoin sydämet, nekin velourista.

Material is cotton velour from Myllymuksut. Heart appliques are also cotton velour.

Niilo's new retro pants

“Äiti, nämä on hyppyhousut!”

“Mommy, these pants make me jump!”

Niilo's new retro pants


6 thoughts on “Retro Pants

  1. Oh my gosh! You’ve been a busy blog! I’ve missed so much. What amazing things you’ve been making! I love the pants. I love the knits, and I love the curtains! You are so creative.

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