Hupsis pants

Ompelin Lassille Hilcon raitatrikoosta housut. Kaavana Ottobre 1/2009, Hupsis-trikoohousut.

I sewed a new pair of pants for Lassi. Pattern is “Hupsis”, published in Ottobre 1/2009, material jersey from Hilco.

Lassi's new pants

Koko 68cm on juuri sopiva lyhytjalkaiselle, tukevahkoreisiselle kahdeksankuiselle. Ja kestovaippapeppu mahtuu mainiosti housuihin,

Size 68cm is perfect for the 8-month-old Lassi, whose legs are short but chubby. And the cloth diaper fits in there, too!

Lassi's new pants

Äidin päivänsäde!

Mommy’s cutie pie!



Lassi's new pants

Lassi's new pants


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