Birthday Boy

Lassin syntymäpäivät olivat toissaviikolla.  Äidin vauva on jo vuoden!

Lassi celebrated his first birthday last week. Mommy’s baby is a toddler now!

Tämä pieni poika ei pystynyt edes hengittämään itse vuosi sitten…

This wee little boy didn’t even breath on his own a year ago…



Ja nyt hän on jo näin reipas!

And look at him now!

Look mommy what I got!

Eating cake

Hurja muutos vuodessa!

What a diffence a year makes!

Mommy's prince

Before you were conceived

I wanted you.

Before you were born

I loved you.

Before you were here an hour

I would die for you.

This is the miracle of life. [maureen hawkins]


7 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Happy Birthday adorable boy!!! It’s so hard to look at pictures like that. I have some of Lizzy like that when she was born and it just breaks my heart. It’s amazing what they can come through and be totally fine. What a sweet boy you have.

  2. Onnea!
    Tuli kyyneleet silmiin kuvia katsoessa. Ja mieleen oman esikoiset teho-osastoviikot 11 vuoden takaa.

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