Back to the 70’s

Leikkasin kankaat näihin housuihin jo kuukausi sitten ja nyt ryhdistäydyin ja ompelin ne valmiiksi. Hetken päästä olisivat olleetkin liian lyhyet pojille, molempien jalat tuntuvat venyvän kamalaa vauhtia!

I cut the fabric for these pants a month ago and finally got around to finishing them. Glad that I did, the boys are growing like a weed and the pants would have been too short for them soon!

Tämä Metsolasta ostettu kangas on ihan superihanaa. Sitä on onneksi vielä jemmassa useampi metri.

I totally love this fabric. I bought it a while ago at Metsola. I’m so glad I still have plenty of it left!

Back to the 70's -- size 116cm and 86cm

I love this fabric!

Kangas: Joustofrotee Metsolasta
Kaava: Oma, koko 116cm and 86cm

Fabric: Stretch terry from Metsola
Pattern: My own, size 116cm and 86cm

Mama’s disco boys!

Disco boys!

3 thoughts on “Back to the 70’s

  1. Glad to see you back blogging again! The boys are really getting big. Won’t be long and they’ll be sassy teenagers 😉
    I would totally wear those pants, you’re right very retro.

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