Who Is She?

I knit and I knit. Sometimes I do other crafty things, too.

I am a mother to a son. I have two cats and a fish tank. And yes, there’s also a hubby in the house. He does not usually complain about the size of my yarn stash.

I live in Finland but love to travel around the globe.

When I am not crafting or playing with my son, I play around with XML, HTML, CSS and Flash at work.


4 thoughts on “Who Is She?

  1. Hei, huomasin että olet vuonna 2007 tehnyt airy wrap-around kietaisupusakan. Sain ohjeen, mutta se on englanniksi. Yrittelin sitä tässä kääntää, mutta tuskasta on. Olisiko sinulla tallessa ohje suomen kielellä?

  2. hello:
    I?m writing from the North of Spain, I’m working on my Ph. D. Thesis at http://www.udc.es/, I’ ve study Enginnering, and I’Ve just discovered Knitting! maybe because it help me to relax. Sorry, Finland language,
    I was looking for a free kint pattern of navia N51 slippers, and I see you have done it. could you tell me please how can I get it? Maybe a pdf,
    thnks for your blog,
    I hope you’ll enjoy one day coming to spain,
    best regards,

    Ana Díaz

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