As the Nights Get Darker…

It’s September again. Nights are getting darker up here so it’s definitely time for candles.

Tealights, washi tape and a pair of scissors.

Washi tape and tealightsAren’t they cute?!?



Pretty, pretty candle light!

Candle time

As the nights get darker...


Wooden Pallet Couch

I started my wooden pallet couch last summer, but never got to finish it then. Before I knew it, it was fall and raining and dark, and I knew I’d have no use for the couch during the winter months. So I stored the half-finished pallets in our garage.

A few weeks ago I decided that it’s now or never. I had spent a lot of time grinding and already painted the first coat, so all I needed was to wash the pallets again (they had sat in the rain for some time before I moved them to the garage) and then paint the second coat. I found the perfect fabric for the pillows, spent half an hour sewing them and ready it was! It turned out perfect!

Wood pallet couchInstant hit with the kids!

Wood pallet couchAnd grownups like it, too.

Tomppa nappingYou just gotta love summer!

Basic Tees

We are moving at the end of July. Sigh. Lots of organizing, decluttering, packing. I am becoming very stressed! I needed a little break from all that and spent a little time sewing last night.

TeesTwo tees for the middle child. Crocodile fabric from a friend, pirate fabric from Royal-Tuote. Stripes and dots are leftovers from my stash.

I had cut the fabrics last fall but never got around to sewing them. So glad that they still fit him!

Lassi's new tees

Lassi's new teesI warms my heart to see how happy he was to get something new!